Terrace Shores Church: where friends become family and followers of Christ

We are a group of people who have seen how messed up we can be and we are grateful that God is putting us back together. We have discovered that God is real and that his love is the best thing ever. And we have started to experience God changing our lives. This church is a place to heal, laugh, think, and find family. We hope you will help us make it better.

You can find out more about us by clicking on the various dropdowns under the About menu above. But whatever you do, don’t miss the Real Stories section of our website. There are some powerful videos in there.

We want to serve you and help you experience more of God’s life-changing love for yourself. You will be surprised how incredible it truly is. A great place to start is our Grow page above. Thanks for stopping by – we hope you will stick around so we can get to know you.