Love God – Love people – Reach the world

We have been reunited with God by the Gospel

Since God is a fair king, he has to punish sin. And all of us have sinned, so we deserve God’s punishment. But Jesus took that punishment for us by dying on the cross and he offers us a way to be reconciled to God by turning from sin to Him, trusting in Him and his death and resurrection.

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to hear from Him in the Bible

There is nothing more important to your growth!  Click here for recent sermons or visit one of these online devotional websites (Our Daily Bread or D. A. Carson’s For the Love of God)

to talk to Him in prayer

God invites us to talk with Him all throughout the day.  It is an incredible privilege that He cares about our feelings and needs.  He invites us to learn to regularly pray for others as well – like with our prayer chain.

to honor Him in worship

Often our biggest obstacle to spiritual growth is our tiny view of God.  Regular worship helps us recognize just how great He is!  Make sure to make this a priority, and if you'd like to serve, please check out the Creative Arts ministry on the Serve page.

to grow like Him in character

This is a non-negotiable of Christian growth.  Jesus didn’t just come to forgive us, he came to actually live inside us and transform us to be humble, loving, serving, giving people of integrity.  As Jesus himself said, the most important thing is to love God and love others.

Grow in community by joining a small group.

to become an active member of His family

Christianity isn’t individualistic – God calls us to live like family.  That means spending time with each other, getting real with each other, and getting involved.  Click the "Gather" dropdown menu above for opportunities to get connected or the "Serve" menu for opportunities to volunteer.  For more information on becoming a voting member of the church, click here.

and to help others follow Him by making disciples

Jesus asked us to “go into all the world and make disciples” – to help everyone experience the life-changing love of Jesus and to learn to follow Him closely. This was Jesus’ last command that he gave his people, so let’s not allow it to get placed on the back burner.

If you'd like to get involved, please read about our Missions ministry.

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