Jesus Christ is the Head of His Church, and each member of His church has been entrusted with His Spirit, spiritual gifts, and responsibility to help the Church be healthy (1 Cor 12:13, Eph 4:11-16). In light of this, we value a congregational government that meets quarterly to make decisions together.  Each January we elect members from our congregation to serve in various leadership roles.  Here is the list of those who are serving in 2016:

Church Officers

Elders – Alan Zastrow, Gary Wolff, Joel Denk, Bill Pipho, Dave Peppler, Jeff Lindemann
Church Chairman – Mike Lehner
Church Secretary – Andrea Dillie
Church Treasurer – Tom Riek
Financial Secretary – Andrea Dillie
Worship Committee Chairman – Casey Getz
Christian Education Chairman – Kathy Hargrave
Buildings and Grounds – Matt Burk
Deaconesses – Molly Stegeman, Amy Pipho, Sandy Resop, Peggy Cotterill, Michele Schrader
Social & Hospitality – Katie Wild
Missions Committee Chairperson – Donn Wright (And the committee includes Gary Zacharias, Art Volkmann, Jordan Wind, Doug Stegeman, Danny Ige, and Dennis Jahnke)

In addition, River Shores has a number of people who serve in unelected leadership roles:
River Shores Christian Education – Chris Wright
River Shores Hospitality Team – Joy Masters and Colleen Micele
River Shores Soulfood – Heidi Viars
River Shores Nursery– Kara Schuster, Maureen Heet
River Shores Welcome Team– Kevin & Gail Schippman
River Shores Kids Club– Katie Getz, Maureen Heet
River Shores Service Preparation Team– Mark & Molly Finger
River Shores Cleaning and Janitorial– Katie Fredenburg
River Shores Decor – Erin Carter
River Shores Neighborhood Meals– Colleen Micele
River Shores Building Committee – Mark Finger, Dan Murray, Erin Carter, Casey & Katie Getz
River Shores Building Renovation and Repairs – Jim Meyer
River Shores Grounds (Snow Removal, Gardening, etc) – Dennis Krueger
River Shores Tech Team – Scott Viars